Epic Learning, London (July 2020)

During COVID-19 being able to set work remotely has been hugely helpful. The analysis features of how the students are doing are easy to check. And being able to create one’s own resources if nothing already existed came into its own, as teachers did have more time to create work. I believe the top 5 […]

Malden Oaks PRU, Kingston-upon-Thames (June, 2020)

We use SAM Learning within our school (we are actually a pupil referral unit) and for our students who have medical tuition and have been doing so for about 2 years. We investigated quite a few platforms before choosing SAM Learning. The top benefits for us are: Ease of use, not all of our staff […]

Abbey Manor College, London (June, 2020)

SAM Learning has been great for our students at Abbey Manor College. We’ve found it easy to access with a multitude of subjects to choose from. Teachers are able to set work but independent study is encouraged via the opportunity for students to choose topics and set their own pace. We appreciate the ease with […]

Eden Park High School, Kent (May 20, 2020)

We have used SAM Learning in a range of ways at Eden Park High School. We have an extended day where students complete independent learning on site. SAM Learning is often used in these sessions as many tasks self-mark so students get immediate feedback and direction. More recently, we have used SAM Learning in our […]

Paget High School, Staffordshire (February, 2020)

SAM Learning is an effective way to target and focus the work of your learners – and when they score lower than 80%, ask them to do it again.  As I like to say at Paget High: Practice makes permanent! SAM Learning is being used by EBAC Subject Leads as a medium of intervention, so […]