Students are proven to get two GCSE grades better* with 30 mins a week use of SAM Learning during an academic year.

EEF- Commissioned FFT Report

EEF-commissioned FFT to analyse 300,000 students in 250 schools over 9 years and the report, published in June 2020, showed on average, students who spent 10 or more hours on SAM Learning improved 1 GCSE grade better in 2 different subjects. Two grades better means a Progress 8 improvement of +0.2. That could make the difference between Good and Outstanding. 

And disadvantaged students did even better, improving by 1 GCSE grade in 3 and a half subjects.

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Earlier FFT Impact reports

Prior to the EEF-commissioned report (above), an earlier ten-year series of impact studies by FFT (Fischer Family Trust) from 2002 to 2011, showed real impact on progress, especially at GCSE, by students with 10 task hours' use of e-learning. Students with the lowest prior attainment, including disadvantaged students, improved nearly double the average.

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Student-level Data

David Jaffa (SAM Learning Founder) discusses the early FFT impact reports and the critical importance of using student-level data and not school-level data.