Teachers can select from ready-to-use content across all major GCSE & KS3 subjects and assign work.

In addition, with the option to integrate tasks on homework platforms such as: Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and ShowMyHomework/Satchel:One.

Reporting Suite

All homework assignments are automatically marked for teachers and presented with detailed feedback in our reporting suite.

Question Level Analysis

Our QLA identifies knowledge gaps in topics.

  • Diagnose gaps in prior learning before starting a topic.
  • Focus teaching and revision to exactly where it is needed.
  • Supports data-driven targeted intervention and differentiated instruction.


Three- wave Intervention is used by schools and teachers for targeted support. 

  • Support students within classes, key school-wide groups, and individual students.
  • Perfect for Y7-10 learning recovery and more.

Wave 1 - Timetable Classes

Create groups containing any students from one of your classes. You can set homework to your timetabled classes.

Wave 2 - Intervention Groups

Create intervention groups to meet your school’s needs. Many schools use us to target work at their GCSE borderline 4/5 and grade 9 students – or to focus on their Year 7s who arrived but weren’t quite ready for secondary school.

Wave 3 - Individual Students

Differentiation goes right down to the individual level. Set tasks remotely for any students, whether it’s because they can’t be in your lessons due to illness or just because you can see that their knowledge gaps are different to the rest of your class.