SAM Learning is committed to making its website content available and accessible to as many users as possible. We are constantly seeking ways to improve standards. As a minimum, we will always comply with minimum accessibility standards where this is possible.

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A top navigation menu is available on all pages. This is available in the same place on all pages. A secondary level of navigation is provided on the left of the page, and likewise is always available in the same location.

Each page contains a link back to the home page.


Refer to the page What browser should I use for further details.


The website provides a ‘breadcrumb’ trail at the top of every page to show users the path that they have taken from the home page.

Standards compliance

Pages on this site aim to conform to W3C WCAG level 2 and to validate as XHTM 1.0 Transitional.

Contact us

If you are using a device or web browser and find that you are unable to access the content on our website, please contact and we will do our best to resolve the issue and if possible provide the information in alternative formats.