The UK's leading online learning platform for IGCSE revision materials used by British Schools worldwide.

‘Student and parents have valued SAM Learning, as it is an accessible and fun learning resource which allows students to work independently at their own pace. The students enjoy competing with their peers and receiving recognition through certificates from their teachers.It is an invaluable resource to track weekly progress and understanding. We have also been able to use the progress reports to provide supporting evidence for IGCSE students. Intervention groups have been set up by the teachers to cater for our range of learning needs across the school.’

Nicole Haynes, Vice Principal at GEMS Westminster School, United Arab Emirates

School Leaders and Teachers will have access to:

  • Thousands of ready-to-use activities across different school years and examination boards, including both GCSE and IGCSE. 
  • A reporting suite that provides evidence of progress and identifies knowledge gaps with Question Level Analysis.
  • Unlimited strategic advice from your own assigned support specialist via video call, email and telephone.
  • 24/7 online support articles and CPD videos.

Platform Features:

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence

Our A.I. guides students to…

  • Improve their score if they have not achieved 80%. 
  • Motivates students to get a higher score than their friends and climb the leaderboard.
  • And makes subject suggestions just like what a good teacher would do by broadening and extending knowledge.

Question Level Analysis Reports

  • Teachers access detailed feedback on how well students have done on different questions in our reporting suite. 
  • Diagnose gaps in prior learning before starting a topic.
  • Focus teaching and revision to exactly where it is needed.
  • Supports data-driven targeted intervention and differentiated instruction.

Students have access to:

  • A range of content across all major subjects and exam boards. 
  • Guided personalised revision supported by our adaptive A.I.
  • Compatibility with any device.
  • A gamified interface and leaderboards to encourage and motivate students. 
  • Customisable avatars.
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