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SAM Learning is not a software company any more; we are an education services company. We provide a series of proven solutions for school leaders that are delivered through the SAM Success Cycle, a cost-effective partnership to support long-term school improvement.

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Proven Impact

SAM Learning is the only online study service independently proven to improve GCSE grades.

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Our platform allows the school to set-up any number of groups for intervention.

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We reward your school with £200 for using SAM Learning!

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  • A cost effective framework for Targeted Intervention that drives school improvement
  • The only online study service proven (by the FFT) to raise attainment & increase engagement
  • Track & monitor student performance with unrivalled levels of progress reporting: student, class, year group, subject area, intervention group & whole school
  • Proven to Improve Year 7 under 100 performance as well as Progress 8 attainment
  • SAM Learning saves teachers’ a significant amount of time, vastly improving efficiency and effectiveness so they can focus on improvement of school intervention strategies
  • Learn from the industry experts the best practices to drive school improvement
  • SAM Learning strongly encourages independent learning
  • A perfect resource for use in school as well as at home

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