Use SAM Learning for your High Achievers

SAM Learning is an EEF-proven online learning platform that supports high-achieving learners to develop understanding and the ability to gain that extra mark. 

We are confident that SAM Learning is an integral revision tool for your high-achieving learners and will significantly impact their progress with:

  • The tools to view and self-monitor progress for every subject across all exam boards to find knowledge gaps.
  • The ability to self-mark work and familiarise themselves with mark schemes. 
  • Access to test questions in addition to revision questions. Suitable for higher ability and confident learners.
  • The option to log in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


‘One tool to solve so many problems across all departments. Students can continue to learn outside of school. Students find it easy to use and it reduces paperwork therefore because it is eco-friendly and user-friendly the school continues to renew. The assessment quality for the whole curriculum is very very useful.’ Continue reading

St Thomas More Catholic School, London