Be in control and let SAM Learning take the boring out of revision!

Revising little and often is needed to help your brain remember information. Gaps in revising allow the brain to forget and relearn the information. This makes information stick and you remember it – winner!

You will be able to learn more over time than in one longer period of revising. Using SAM Learning also allows you to be in control of your preparation, enabling you to feel more confident and have your brain in the right place to start learning.

Using SAM Learning’s A.I. led revision means that it is chunked into small manageable parts. Just login and click                on the subject you are studying and let SAM Learning guide you.

How does it improve your learning?

SAM Learning gives you immediate feedback. Research has shown that feedback enables students to achieve even better results and retain information better. 

SAM Learning also knows when you need to recap a topic or series of questions. ‘Improve your score’ gives you the topics and series of questions that are not yet secure in your memory. Complete the revision from ‘Improve your score’ and SAM Learning will help you fill your gaps, show you immediately where you are going right and wrong and interleave these topics until they are secure…..ready for your exams! 

The Education Endowment Foundation and FFT have shown that students who use SAM Learning for 10 hours or more in year 11 achieve an average of x2 GCSE grades higher than a student that doesn’t use SAM Learning…..what are you waiting for login and give yourself the best chance!


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