6 ways for teachers to save time with SAM Learning

SAM Learning, the only online learning resource for secondary schools that caters for all major GCSE and KS3 subjects and engineered by artificial intelligence (AI) to do what a good teacher would do, is saving teachers across the globe thousands of hours a week. Students are independently proven, by both the  EEF and FFT, to get two GCSE grades better with 30 minutes a week and the AI features on the platform help students reach this goal, so teachers don’t have to.

Over the last few months we have asked teachers how SAM Learning handles dozens of common teacher tasks and have outlined below just some of the key areas SAM Learning helps. Welcome to the revolution!

  1. Planning Instruction:  SAM Learning provides weekly challenges to encourage students to complete 30 minutes per week. These focus on the Core subjects, English, Maths and Science on common areas that students drop marks in exams and for KS3 students, provides the foundation topics in order to prepare them for GCSE level. Both KS3 and KS4 also receive regular Ebacc revision bundles, which are adapted for each and every student, based on key areas they have studied throughout the academic year. Based on the student outcomes, the A.I. will suggest activities for students to improve their score and extend their knowledge.
  2. Pre-prepared resources and materials: SAM Learning provides variety and interest with 11 different activity types, all auto-marked, including pre-prepared multiple choice quizzes, tests, exam papers, real world, improve, exam essentials and diagnostic assessments and teachers have the ability to add video, audio and additional images to these if they wish. Unique to SAM Learning, they can duplicate and edit current activities or even create their own activities from scratch with our simple to use Activity Builder. Due to the vast range of materials available, SAM Learning is accessible for all learning types and abilities, saving teachers hours of time creating resources from scratch for their students.
  3. Adaptive Teaching: The platform has a detailed reporting suite that provides teachers and leaders with real time insight into whole-school, class or intervention group and individual student achievement. Our ‘Question Level Analysis’ allows teachers to easily identify knowledge gaps, helping schools to drive data-driven targeted intervention and differentiated teaching. Also, teachers can now download individual, group or cohort Personal Learning Checklists for students to keep, to help them identify where they have gaps and strengths. These are often stuck into students’ class books and used for Ofsted evidence if assessment and self monitoring.
  4. Assessment: Teachers can use SAM Learning for a wide range of assessment needs, including: Quizzes, Checklists, Cloze tests, Mock Exams and Diagnostic tests. As all of the activities  are auto-marked and self assessed, all teachers need to do is refer to the real time auto generated reports to get an instant understanding of their student needs.
  5. Student Feedback: Every activity on SAM Learning provides students with instant feedback on their understanding, and the platform generates  further activities to improve their score and extend their knowledge, so teachers don’t have to.
  6. Student Engagement: SAM Learning makes learning fun, activities are varied, a leaderboard stimulates competition and adds excitement for students with the ability to customise their avatars and download achievement certificates. Students can add their Buddies and compete against each other too, if they wish too. Students love this feature!

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