EEF: 10 e-learning strategies for Closing the Gap

Based on ‘COVID-19 Support Guide for Schools’ published by EEF June 2020 in association with ASCL, The Chartered College of Teaching, NAHT, National Governance Association, Sutton Trust and Teach First.

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Introduction and Foreword by Professor Becky Francis

‘Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are likely to have been affected particularly severely by school closures … consider how to align chosen approaches with Pupil Premium spending and broader school improvement priorities.’

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1) Evidence-informed approach

‘An evidence-informed approach gives us the best chance of maximising impact.’

A ten-year series of independent impact studies by FFT (Fischer Family Trust) shows real impact on progress, especially at GCSE, by students with 10 task hours use of SAM Learning. What’s more, students with the lowest prior attainment, including disadvantaged students, improve nearly double the average.

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Teaching and whole-school strategies

2) Pupil assessment and feedback

‘Providing pupils with high-quality feedback, building on accurate assessment, is likely to be a particularly promising approach.’
SAM Learning is the market leader for online review and assessment. The active-learning style of our activities promotes deep learning that has proven effective over a decade of impact studies by FFT. SAM Learning features: 

  • All key subject areas for KS3 and KS4
  • Thousands of activities
  • No marking
  • Helping disadvantaged students to catch-up

3) Professional development in the effective use of technology

‘Ensuring every teacher is supported and prepared for the new year is essential to achieving the best outcomes for pupils. Providing opportunities for professional development – for example, to support curriculum planning or focused training on the effective use of technology – is likely to be valuable.’

SAM Learning is planning to offer five specific CPD courses to our subscribers, each of five modules, that take you through different aspects of using SAM Learning – from Getting Started to Leadership Roles and Intervention Strategies.

4) Transition support 

Transition Support is also provided through a range of Targeted Intervention content bundles: 

  • Catchup Literacy 80-100 
  • Catchup Literacy Under 80
  • Catchup Numeracy 80-100
  • Catchup Numeracy Under 80

Targeted support

5) One to one and small group tuition

‘Creating a three-way relationship between tutor, teacher and pupils is essential, ensuring that tuition is guided by the school, linked to the curriculum and focused on the areas where pupils would most benefit from additional practice or feedback.’
Create Tutor Groups on SAM Learning, which allow the tutor AND the classroom teacher to both monitor progress and work together to close the gap. SAM Learning allows for easy targeting of work, plus the real-time tracking and reporting makes SAM Learning a must-have tool for teaching online.

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6) Intervention programmes

‘Effective intervention follows assessment, which can be used to ensure that support is well-targeted and to monitor pupil progress.’
SAM Learning’s flexible Three-wave Intervention supports leaders and teachers to target cohorts and track progress of learners. Y10 into Y11 Catch-up includes a suite of levelled bundles for each subject. For P8 subjects, these bundles identify suitable activities at Grades 1-4, Grade 5 and Grades 6-9.

Wave 1: Classroom Differentiation

  • Set work to one or more classes

Wave 2: School Intervention

  • Disadvantaged Students
  • Y10 into Y11 Catchup
  • Y7 Catchup
  • Bubbles

Wave 3: Individual Learners

  • LAC

7) Extended school time

Leaders and teachers can assign work to their learners easily through our Three-wave Intervention as shown above. This is a great way to target Pupil Premium learners.

Wider strategies

8) Summer support

Create a Summer School Group on SAM Learning, to both monitor progress and close the gap. The SAM Learning platform can be accessed year round not just in term time, with continued support available from your School Success Manager and our support team. 
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9) Access to technology

‘To support learning, how technology is used matters most. Ensuring the elements of effective teaching are present – for example, clear explanations, scaffolding, practice and feedback – is more important than which form of technology is used. In addition, providing support and guidance on how to use technology effectively is essential.’
The active-learning style of our activities promotes deep learning that has proven effective over a decade of impact studies by FFT. Teachers have access to eleven different activity types to assign to learners.

10) Supporting parents and carers

SAM Learning provides schools with Certificates of Achievement. This reward scheme is presented to the learner for various accomplishments in progress. Progress reports can be viewed by parents from home, a great way for parents to see how their child is doing.

SAM Learning also provides resources for parents evening such as this flyer.

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