With a brand-new range of engaging and eye-catching Revise+ activities, Modern Foreign Languages students are able to quickly revisit previous topics or expand upon their existing knowledge.

With all of our listening activities for MFL now being converted for tablet compatibility, students have the flexibility make use of our full range of language resources and perfect their language skills from wherever they happen to be.

You can see a list of all activities for French, German and Spanish by clicking on the language of your choice.

Sample Activities


[revise_popup id=130018]Ls Passe-tempts De Laurence[/revise_popup] [ab_popup id=39132761]Where I live[/ab_popup] [revise_popup id=130002]Pierre-Yves Et Sa Famille[/revise_popup] [revise_popup id=39134145]Introduction to France[/revise_popup]


[revise_popup id=39017387]Heikes Schule[/revise_popup] [revise_popup id=39017444]Gabis Freizeit[/revise_popup] [revise_popup id=39134148]My Family[/revise_popup] [revise_popup id=39134027]Education And Work[/revise_popup]


[ab_popup id=39132767]School[/ab_popup] [revise_popup id=39002661]La Familia de Alejandro[/revise_popup] [revise_popup id=39002662]La Familia de Sofia[/revise_popup] [revise_popup id=39134050]My Birthday[/revise_popup]