With the new Maths specifications coming into practice in September 2015, SAM Learning has introduced a new menu, with all our activities aligned to the exam boards, and now including WJEC and Eduqas. This new menu will run in parallel to the existing exam-board alignments, ensuring that all students can find the right activities for their course.

Maths activities will continue to be split into Foundation and Higher tiers, ensuring that Maths teachers can be confident they are setting students work at the correct level.

You can see a list of all our Maths activities here.

Sample Activities

[rwp_popup id=39110627]Fraction field trip[/rwp_popup] [revise_popup id=39132736]Charts and Tables[/revise_popup] [revise_popup id=39003905]Powers, roots and indices[/revise_popup]
[ab_popup id=100658]Decimals[/ab_popup] [ab_popup id=100708]Simplifying[/ab_popup] [revise_popup id=39025209]Scale Drawings[/revise_popup]