SAM Learning’s already wide-ranging ICT, Computer Science and Computing activities have had a further boost ready for the new school year.

With an expanded range of KS3 quick revision tasks, younger students can confirm and develop their knowledge, whilst GCSE students can take advantage of our new exam papers and test questions, ensuring not only that they’re well prepared with their subject knowledge, but that they’re also used to tackling short-answer or essay-style questions.

You can see a list of all our ICT and Computer Science and all of our Computing activities here.

Sample Activities

[revise_popup id=39130540]Binary[/revise_popup] [ab_popup id=39132518]Testing[/ab_popup] [ab_popup id=39129985]Software and programming[/ab_popup] [revise_popup id=39130549]Solution Development[/revise_popup]