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Teacher Training & Support

At SAM Learning we take immense pride in our customer support and the standards we achieve.

‘We aim to make using the service as easy, enjoyable and efficient as possible. With a history of working closely with teachers across the UK, we can ensure that, as a subscriber, you get the most out of SAM Learning.

Dedicated Account Managers

All schools have a dedicated account manager, regularly working with them to book in training sessions, answer queries and suggest useful techniques to drive student engagement. Each of our account managers is an expert on SAM Learning and how to get the best from it in your school.

We know that teachers are always short on free time so our account managers will only contact you about the important stuff. Throughout the year they’ll be in touch to let you know when your students have hit milestones, how your school is performing against similar schools across the country and update you on areas where students can improve or where SAM Learning has changed.

Dedicated E-Learning Advisors

Alongside their office-based account managers, each school has a dedicated E-Learning Advisor. As part of the SAM Learning service our advisors visit schools at the staff’s convenience to conduct a full training session, designed to engage teachers and help them get the best out of the resource.

Our advisors work with the school’s SAM Learning coordinator to create a development plan to meet each school’s individual needs. To ensure your school gets the most from SAM Learning our advisors will be available to run additional on-site training at no extra cost throughout the subscription’s duration.

Technical Support

Our friendly and helpful 24-hour technical support team makes certain that all your questions can be answered and both you and your students can enjoy smooth access to SAM Learning.

To contact our Technical Support team:

Telephone: 0845 130 4160

Email: support@samlearning.com