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Quality Award FAQs

Why should our institution seek accreditation for our targeted intervention work?

With the advent of Progress 8, the Government is encouraging schools to use data-driven approaches to school improvement and closing the gap. The Government will shortly be publishing online new Secondary School Performance Tables that show for individual schools the progress of all students as well as disadvantaged students.

Most schools are now using data from programs such as 4Matrix, Sisra, Fischer Family Trust and ALPs to identify which students are not making adequate progress in specific subjects as well as monitor disadvantaged groups and analyse their Year 7 intake to identify those students below baseline.

Ofsted is looking for evidence that schools have established rigorous processes not only to identify those students most in need of additional support but to intervene through effective and proven methods. The Targeted Intervention Quality Award provides a step-by-step framework not only supporting intervention and school improvement but also building a portfolio of evidence suitable for Ofsted.

What is in it for our students and their parents / guardians?

Gaining accreditation for your targeted intervention provision proves to the most important members of your institution, young people and their parents/carers, that they are getting the very best support to reach their academic potential. Further, that the support provided at your institution is as good or better than the support provided at other schools nationally.

What is in it for staff leading on the Targeted Intervention framework?

Going through the award process will give targeted intervention a higher profile in your institution and will increase the involvement of senior leaders. Individual staff will gain personal certification – as a Targeted Intervention Leader or a Targeted Intervention Expert. In addition, your institution will be able to use the award logos and will have a framed certificate for display.

Will going through the award process help me to develop more effective Targeted Intervention provision?

Of course! The award process will make you review what you are doing and create a three-year plan for the future. The process will help you prioritise those student groups most in need of help and identify which colleagues you need to support you in driving effective targeted intervention across the school. This will encourage you to evidence a more structured approach to targeted intervention. The award process, in partnership with consultancy support from SAM Learning, will help you to improve and develop targeted intervention practice at your institution.

Do we have to implement our Targeted Intervention plan all at once?

Of course not! You will be encouraged to devise a three-year plan, starting in year one with colleagues likely to be supportive and student groups with significant need. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the award process encourages you start in year one with an achievable goal that is very likely to be achieved. Then to build in years two and three upon the solid foundation you have built in year one.

Which student groups are typically covered?

Most schools will prioritise from among following student groups:

  • Disadvantaged pupils
  • Progress 8 Subject groups
  • Y7 under 100

Is there a framework to follow?

Absolutely. You will be following a structured and fully supported process as you work towards the Targeted Intervention Award.
Which teaching staff are involved?

Typically, one member of the school senior leadership team – the Targeted Intervention Leader (Leader) – is designated to coordinate the program on behalf of the institution. It is the TIL’s role to identify which student groups will be targeted in each year of the program and to identify which members of staff – Targeted Intervention Experts (Experts) – will be working with those student groups to organise the intervention itself.

How long does it take?

Certification takes approximately 15 weeks; it is described in more detail below.

Could you describe the certification process for the Targeted Intervention Leader (Leader)?

The 15 week certification process for the Leader breaks down as follows:

Week 1: Remote Planning Call with SAM Learning

  • Identify Target Groups
  • Identify Targeted Intervention Experts
  • Identify Next Steps
  • Targeted Intervention Strategic Plan

Week 7: Report & Synopsis (emailed by SAM Learning)

Week 7 or 8: Remote Review & Support Call with SAM Learning

  • Identify Next Steps

Weeks 2–13: Review Monthly Usage figures (emailed by SAM Learning)

Week 14–15: Individual Certification issued to the Targeted Intervention Leader and Targeted Intervention Experts

  • Framed Certificate awarded to the Institution

Could you describe the certification process for the Targeted Intervention Experts (Experts)?

Certification follows a 13 week course that takes approximately 1 hour per week for TIEs to complete. Certification is based on a portfolio of evidence. The course breaks down as follows:

Week 1: Remote Training by SAM Learning

  • Action Plan

Weeks 2: Create student groups

Week 5: Report and synopsis emailed to SAM Learning

Week 6: Remote Review & Support Call with SAM Learning

  • Amend Action Plan if necessary

Weeks 6–12: Assign work to the groups

  • Receive and analyse reports on student achievement
  • Next teaching steps

Week 13: Report and synopsis emailed to SAM Learning

  • Amend Action Plan if necessary

Week 14: Individual Certification issued to the Targeted Intervention Coordinator

What support is provided by SAM Learning?

SAM Learning provides each institution with a dedicated Account Manager to support them every step of the way. The account manager will work with you to devise a plan personalised to the needs of your school as well as individually train participating members of staff. Your Account Manager will also encourage you, keep you on track, suggest ideas and be a critical friend.

At the end of the 13 week course, the Account Manager will assess whether the criteria have been met for certification.

Is on-site support available?

In general, support is provided remotely. On-site support may be available in certain circumstances.

How much does the Targeted Intervention Award cost?

The Targeted Intervention Award was launched in September 2016 and – for an introductory period – the award framework and support is being provided at no additional charge to schools subscribing to SAM Learning. This will be reviewed at 31 December 2016 and charging may be introduced.

How long is an Award valid for?

Awards are initially granted for one year and are subsequently reviewed and certificates re-issued annually. This applies equally to School, Leader and Expert awards.

How often is the Quality Award framework revised and changed?

The quality award framework is reviewed termly and updated to reflect good practice that we identify among our community of participating schools. The framework is also reviewed and updated to reflect changes in government policy and professional practice.

What is the Gold Standard Award for?

The Gold Award is awarded for outstanding and innovative provision of targeted intervention. Schools practising targeted intervention at this level are a model for others to follow.

What if we are not happy with any part of the Award process?

We hope that does not happen – and that any minor concerns can be resolved easily and amicably. However we do have a formal appeal process via our Founder, David Jaffa.