Targeted Intervention Framework v3.0

  • Optimise your targeted intervention spending
  • Proven impact on progress
  • Supported by education specialists

From ‘Shaping the Future’ produced by ITN for FASNA (4 mins)

Optimise your targeted intervention spending

School-wide targeted intervention strategies are hugely expensive and often not as cost effective as they could be. For example, teachers may be working outside their specialism or may have been pulled off other teaching duties to participate. We help schools optimise this spending at very low cost.

“Secondary schools spend up to £80-100,000 per year on targeted intervention. We can help them optimise that spend.”

David Jaffa, Chief of Crazy Ideas, SAM Learning

Only pay for what you use

Pricing is based on the number of targeted intervention groups and the size of each group, so schools can go all-in from day-one, or start small and grow. Schools choose groups from within three areas: catch-up numeracy and literacy, Progress 8 subject groups and disadvantaged groups. Implementation is fully supported throughout a 13-week Targeted Intervention framework and certification process for teachers.

Proven impact on progress

A series of independent studies by Fischer Family Trust (FFT) were conducted over a 10-year period including hundreds of thousands of students per year. Students with 10 hours of e-learning during an academic year – equivalent to two 10-minute activities per week – consistently showed significant impact on progress. All students improved and students with low prior attainment improved nearly double the average. 

  • All Students: 1 grade better in 2.0 subjects (+0.20)
  • Disadvantaged Students: 1 grade better in 3.5 subjects (+0.35)

£200 Usage Promise

Our goal is to ensure the average usage per active student is at least 10 task hours in every targeted intervention group. Why? Because this level of usage has proven impact on progress. Once this goal is achieved the school receives a £200 reward. T&Cs apply. 

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Supported by education specialists

In addition to a dedicated account manager, we provide a dedicated targeted intervention specialist to support every school. We then work with school leaders to create a strategic plan and support the way it is put into practice.

  • Choose your Content Bundles
  • Choose your Intervention Groups
  • Custom implementation

“Val has been central to the progress of some of our students, despite never having met them, and I feel confident in saying that my performance as a leader … has improved since our first encounter.

John Oswin, Beauchamp College

Intervention Groups supported

Intervention groups highlighted in blue are new for September 2017.

Other Focus Groups P8 Subject Groups MidYIS/CAT Disadvantaged Groups
★ Catch-up Literacy under 80

★ Catch-up Numeracy under 80

★ Catch-up Literacy 80-100

★ Catch-up Numeracy 80-100

★ Underachieving G&T

★ Raising Boys’ Achievement

★ Raising Girls’ Achievement

★ Working Class White Boys

★ SEN w/o Statement

★ Poor Attendees

★ P8 Maths

★ P8 English

★ P8 Science

★ P8 Humanities

★ P8 MFL

★ P8 Geography

★ P8 History

★ P8 Computer Science

★ P8 French

★ P8 German

★ P8 Spanish

★ P8 ‘Open Group’

★ Baseline Y9

★ Baseline Y8

★ Baseline Y7

★ Pupil Premium


★ SEN (statemented)



★ Disadvantaged Ebacc

Content Bundles available

Targeted Intervention package: choose 1 content bundle per P8 subject group; 1 content bundle per catch-up group.

Differentiation package: 3 content bundles per P8 subject group; 2 content bundles per catch-up group.

Content bundles highlighted in blue are new for September 2017 including higher ability and MFL content bundles.


Progress 8 For Grades For Grades For Grades
Maths 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
English 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
Science 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
Geography 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
History 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
Computer Science 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
French 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
German 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
Spanish 1 – 4 5 6 – 9



Literacy & Numeracy Catch-up KS2 Mark range KS2 Mark range
Catch-up Literacy Under 80 80 – 100
Catch-up Numeracy Under 80 80 – 100

Award Winning Content

BETT 2016 Winner: Best Secondary Content

Custom implementation

  • Develop professional practice
  • 13-week staff accreditation
  • SAM Success Cycle

Assigned Work Report

Develop professional practice

  • Intervention in the SAME lesson as the teaching
  • 13-week staff accreditation

13-week staff accreditation

  • Certificates of Recognition
  • Workbook and portfolio of evidence
  • Development options available via Differentiation and Practice-based CPD

Intervention in the SAME lesson as the teaching

“I think the biggest difference is that almost instant feedback… within the lesson the students have tried something, got feedback and most of the time had some intervention work as well”

Ian Windsor, Head of Science, Norton Canes High School

Targeted Intervention Leader, Targeted Intervention Expert & School certificates are provided

SAM Success Cycle

  • Multiple-year partnership to support long-term school improvement
  • Proven solutions for school leaders supporting:

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Optimise your targeted intervention spending

Targeted Intervention for schools

30-day money-back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee from SAM Learning

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  • Optimise your targeted intervention spending
  • Proven impact on progress
  • SAM Success Cycle
  • Supported by education specialists
  • 13-week staff-certification
  • BETT 2016 Winner: best secondary digital content