Tailored to your SDP

The following Targeted Intervention packages are sold separately, wrapped around and tailored to your school development plan (SDP) priorities:

  • Catch-up Literacy and Numeracy
  • Progress 8
  • Disadvantaged Pupils

Featured on ‘Shaping the Future’ introduced by Natasha Kaplinsky

SAM Learning’s Targeted Intervention is featured on ‘Shaping the Future’, a programme produced by ITN Productions on behalf of FASNA (Freedom and Autonomy for Schools – National Association).

‘Shaping the Future’ is introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky and features key industry interviews and news-style reports along with sponsored editorial profiles. The programme was released in November 2017.

Ofsted aligned

  • Developed in collaboration with a former HMI
  • Linked to ASP (RAISEonline replacement)
  • Framework for leadership and management of Targeted Intervention

Free Critique of SDP (first 40 schools only)

  • Free 30 minute review of your short SDP with a former HMI
  • Inspection-readiness critique of your Targeted Intervention strategy
  • Written report for self-evaluation
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Sue Street, Chief Education Guru, SAM Learning

Sue is a rapid school-turnaround Executive Head and a former HMI

Proven impact on progress

A series of independent studies by FFT (Fischer Family Trust) were conducted over a 10-year period including hundreds of thousands of students per year. Students with 10 hours of e-learning during an academic year – equivalent to two 10-minute activities per week – consistently showed significant impact on progress. All students improved and students with low prior attainment improved nearly double the average. 

  • All Students: 1 GCSE grade better in 2.0 subjects (+0.20)
  • Disadvantaged Students: 1 GCSE grade better in 3.5 subjects (+0.35)

Only pay for what you use

Within each Targeted Intervention package, pricing is based on the number of Targeted Intervention groups and the size of each group.

In addition, we provide access to our Achievement Challenge for all pupils within chosen year groups so as to engage and motivate ALL pupils whether they are being targeted for intervention or not.

Implementation is fully supported throughout a 13-week Targeted Intervention framework and certification process for teachers.

Intervention groups supported

Differentiate work for HAP, MAP and LAP pupils within each intervention group.

Intervention groups highlighted in blue are new for September 2017.

Catch-up Groups P8 Subject Groups Disadvantaged Groups Other Focus Groups
★ Catch-up Literacy under 80

★ Catch-up Numeracy under 80

★ Catch-up Literacy 80-100

★ Catch-up Numeracy 80-100

★ P8 Maths

★ P8 English

★ P8 Science

★ P8 Geography

★ P8 History

★ P8 Computer Science

★ P8 French

★ P8 German

★ P8 Spanish

★ P8 ‘Open Group’

★ Pupil Premium


★ SEN (statemented)



★ Disadvantaged Ebacc

★ Underachieving G&T

★ Raising Boys’ Achievement

★ Raising Girls’ Achievement

★ Working Class White Boys

★ SEN w/o Statement

★ Poor Attendees

Content Bundles

Catch-up Package: All the available content bundles for either Literacy or Numeracy.

KS2 Mark range KS2 Mark range
Catch-up Literacy Under 80 80 – 100
Catch-up Numeracy Under 80 80 – 100


Progress 8 Package: All the available content bundles for each chosen subject group.

Disadvantaged Pupil Package: All the available content bundles for the chosen subject(s) in line with SDP. 

Content bundles highlighted in blue are new for September 2017 including higher ability and MFL content bundles.

For Grades For Grades For Grades
Maths 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
English 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
Science 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
Geography 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
History 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
Computer Science 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
French 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
German 1 – 4 5 6 – 9
Spanish 1 – 4 5 6 – 9

Award Winning Content

BETT 2016 Winner: Best Secondary Content

Framework for leadership and management of Targeted Intervention

  • We work with school leaders to create a strategic plan aligned to ASP (Raise Online replacement)
  • English, Maths, Science and more
  • We fully support the way it’s put into practice

Supported by education specialists

  • An Account Manager and a Targeted Intervention Specialist for each school
  • Custom implementation
  • Proven results

Improve and standardise staff performance

  • 13-week staff accreditation
  • Workbook and portfolio of evidence
  • Certificates of recognition

Targeted Intervention Leader, Targeted Intervention Expert & School certificates are provided

HAP, MAP and LAP support

A separate assignment can be set up for LAP students within a PPI group for example. The LAP students aren’t fixed, so different PPI students can be selected for each LAP assignment.

Intervention in the same lesson as the teaching

“I think the biggest difference is that almost instant feedback… within the lesson the students have tried something, got feedback and most of the time had some intervention work as well”

Ian Windsor, Head of Science, Norton Canes High School

Assignment Report

Achievement Challenge

The Achievement Challenge works in conjunction with your school’s SAM Learning Targeted Intervention package:

  • Physical certificates and pin badges to use as rewards
  • Getting Started guide to running competitions
  • Initial training session and regular check-ins
  • Unique unlockable outfits for customisable avatars

A designated staff member – the Achievement Leader – will coordinate the programme and act as a key point of contact for in-school support. It is the Achievement Leader’s role to drive engagement, run competitions, monitor usage, hand out rewards, and talk about SAM and the Achievement Challenge in assemblies.

Engage hard-to-reach pupils

Engage hard-to-reach pupils through a completely gamified pupil experience in which they have an avatar, earn points, win items to customise their avatar and compete with friends on a journey round a virtual world.

  • Pupils choose 10 school friends to compete with
  • Challenge their friends
  • Leaderboard

How we work

We follow a process called the SAM Success Cycle, which is a multiple-year partnership to support long-term school improvement. Following a needs analysis, we make recommendations and can provide a series of proven packages – effectively ‘leadership in a box’ frameworksThe following packages are currently available: 

  • Targeted Intervention
  • Differentiation
  • Practice-based CPD

Find out more about how we work.

SAM Success Cycle

Brochure (PDF)

  • Click here to get a 16 page brochure (PDF), suitable for presenting SAM Learning’s Targeted Intervention Framework v3.0 to colleagues.

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