Three-wave Intervention


Just two tasks per week is independently proven to close the gap.

Targeted support strategies are easier to implement with Three-wave Intervention. 

This is

Three-wave Intervention

Support students within classes, key school wide groups and individual students. Perfect for Y10 into Y11, Y7 transition, disadvantaged students and more. 

School Groups

-Y10 into Y11 catch up and keep up

-Bubbles and Offsite Learners

-Y7 Numeracy & Literacy catchup

-Subject Intervention groups

-Y11 Borderline

Contingency Planning

Be prepared in case Local Lockdowns affect your area.  You can create groups of your ‘bubbles’ to set tasks for remotely, as well as monitor their work.

Tutoring Programs

We have bespoke setup and support packages for Tutoring Services - whether small or large, independent or working in partnership with schools  Diagnose your Tutees’ knowledge and set tasks to close those gaps.

Wave 1 - Classroom Differentiation

Teachers can set work to whole classes, individuals or your own groups made to target the narrowing of gaps.  Your learners will find that they have a go-to resource when revision time comes around.

Wave 2 - School Groups

Create Intervention Groups to meet your school’s needs.  Many schools use us to target work at their GCSE borderline 4/5 learners - or to focus on their Year 7s who arrived but weren’t quite ready for secondary school.

Wave 3 - Individual Learners

Differentiation goes right down to the individual level.  Set tasks remotely for any learners, whether it is because they can’t be in your lessons due to illness or just because you can see that their knowledge gaps are different to the rest of your class.

Help them catch up and keep up today!