Wave 1: Inclusive, quality, first teaching for all

Quality, inclusive teaching which takes into account the learning needs of all the children in the classroom. This includes providing differentiated work and creating an inclusive learning environment.

How SAM Learning supports this:

  • Create intervention and / or focus groups e.g. for lower, middle and higher ability students.
  • Set tasks to individual learners, groups or the whole class within seconds.
  • Personalise and differentiate existing content and create new bespoke activities.

Wave 2: Additional interventions to enable children to work at age-related expectations or above 

Specific, additional and time-limited interventions provided for some children who need help to accelerate their progress to enable them to work at or above age-related expectations. Wave 2 interventions are often targeted at a group of learners and are part of a school wide or School Development Plan initiative.

How SAM Learning supports this:

  • Support Progress 8, Pupil Premium, Catch-up Literacy and Numeracy and many more.
  • Termly support meetings with our Intervention Specialists which are former senior leaders within schools.
  • Real time reporting suite demonstrating usage, engagement and student progress. All reports can be printed and exported into any format.

Wave 3: Additional, highly personalised interventions

Targeted provision for a minority of children where it is necessary to provide highly tailored intervention to accelerate progress or enable children to achieve their potential. This may include one to one or specialist interventions.

How SAM Learning supports this:

  • Set tasks to individual learners within seconds.
  • Support hard to reach learners e.g. B-code, excluded, inclusion and hard to reach
  • Track and monitor learners to identify further interventions.

Fischer Family Trust – Proven impact on progress

A series of independent studies by FFT (Fischer Family Trust) were conducted over a 10-year period including hundreds of thousands of students per year. Students with 10 hours of e-learning during an academic year – equivalent to two 10-minute activities per week – consistently showed significant impact on progress. All students improved and students with low prior attainment improved nearly double the average. 

  • All Students: 1 GCSE grade better in 2.0 subjects (+0.20)

  • Disadvantaged Students: 1 GCSE grade better in 3.5 subjects (+0.35)

Below are the Targeted Intervention groups fully supported as part of the Personalised Learning & Three-wave Intervention solution.  You also have full access to all content bundles available on SAM Learning at no additional cost

Catch-up Groups P8 Subject Groups Learner Characteristics  Other Focus Groups
★Catch-up Literacy under 80

★Catch-up Literacy 80-100

★Catch-up Numeracy under 80

★Catch-up Numeracy 80-100

★Catch-up Literacy and Numeracy

★P8 Maths

★P8 English

★P8 Science

★P8 Geography

★P8 History

★P8 Computer Science

★P8 French

★P8 German

★P8 Spanish

★P8 Core

★P8 ‘Open Group’

★Pupil Premium


★SEN (statemented)



★Disadvantaged Ebacc

★More Able 

★Raising Boys’ Achievement

★Raising Girls’ Achievement

★Working Class White Boys

★SEN w/o Statement

★Poor Attendees

Alternative Provision

Short Stay

★Hard to reach learners 

★B code learners 

★Excluded learners  

★Hospitalised learners   

Award Winning Content

BETT 2016 Winner: Best Secondary Content

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