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Closing the Gap

Schools that are committed to ‘closing the gap’ and that have robust tracking systems are showing most improvement”


Switch On has arrived!

Switch on; the innovative new programme from SAM Learning combines bespoke, targeted support with advanced reporting and in depth development plans to raise attainment, re-engage and close the gap between disadvantaged students and other students in the school.

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Supported by independent data, and the only service in the market to specifically support these groups, Switch On will raise the attainment of the lowest 20% of students by an average of 20.9 Capped Points. Furthermore, by supporting schools with the new Progress 8 measure, Switch On will not only ensure that teachers are able to add-value, increase aspirations and raise attainment but also work towards an outstanding Ofsted report.

To make this even better, it’s all included within the SAM Learning subscription at no extra cost.

To find out more about Switch On, how it will help your school Close the Gap and support it during the transition to Progress 8, call us on 0845 130 4160 or email support@samlearning.com.

“Switch On provides value to students in disadvantaged groups as well as other students in the school….”

Barry Bishop,
Sir Christopher Hatton Academy

“Switch On will directly benefit our students who learn off timetable…”

Kara Bridgeman,
Brixham College

“….. a positive impact on our SEN pupils, helping to better track and monitor these students…”

Mary Wall,
St Marthas Senior School