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As the government promises to implement “a series of decisive measures to help tackle the root causes of unnecessary teacher workload,” here at SAM Learning we’re doing our bit to help save teacher’s time.

Our award winning service already reduces the workload for teachers across the board, but with the addition of Activity Builder in 2014 and Share earlier this year, SAM Learning can be adopted and tailored to each teacher’s specific needs. Since Share’s launch in February, SAM Learning has seen dozens of new high quality resources added by teachers each week.

Now, as 2015 gets into full swing, SAM Learning is once again pushing forward to find more innovative ways in which we can help teachers and their students. SAM Leading is currently leading research across dozens of schools throughout the UK, involving thousands of students.

Through this research we’re discovering new opportunities for us to help enhance the teacher / student relationship, discovering the means to provide greater individuality in all of reporting and feedback. The research also stands to discover the best ways that SAM Learning can assist schools in providing a consistent platform for teacher to mark their students work.

All in all, 2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for SAM Learning and our ever-growing number of subscribers.

If your school isn’t already using SAM Learning and you want to find out more about us then Say hello@samlearning.com or call us on 0845 130 4160.