SAM Learning Partners With Group Call Enhancing School/Learner Data Provisioning

SAM Learning is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Group Call to provide more effective and efficient data provisioning between your school’s MIS and SAM Learning. Through this partnership, SAM Learning looks forward to providing your school with:
  • Increased efficiency – increased effectiveness and efficiency of school data provisioning, saving staff members time in preparing, handling, and managing data
  • Increased security – stronger, more secure handling of learner data, compliant with GDPR
  • Increased data accuracy – class and learner data will always be in sync with the school’s MIS
  • Increased customer experience – easy to on-board and easy to implement, providing a positive school and end-user experience.
In the upcoming week, you will receive an email from Group Call providing the necessary details to install and/or authorise data sharing between Group Call and SAM Learning. This service is at no additional charge to your school and only requires your school to complete the action item(s) outlined in the email sent by Group Call. SAM Learning wants to ensure:
  • Your school is aware of this customer experience enhancement and takes action upon receipt of Group Call’s email or telephone calls.
  • The appropriate person responsible for MIS/data management at your school is identified and contacted.
  • If this contact has since changed, please be sure to provide updated contact details (school name, first name, last name, job title, email address, telephone)
  • Group Call and SAM Learning support staff make contact with MIS/data management personnel to get your school on-boarded swiftly.
Please find SAM Learning’s Group Call FAQ’s attachment to help you answer questions you may have. Should you have any further queries about this partnership or customer experience enhancement, feel free to email Additionally, should you need to provide updated contact details for your MIS/data management personnel, please email details to Thank you, SAM Learning Service Delivery & Customer Support Team