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Share Launch

SAM Learning, the awarding-winning online educational service which provides year-round learning to students throughout the UK has just launched an exciting new resource for teachers: Share.


Last year, SAM Learning introduced new functionality to allow teachers to build their own activities or edit existing ones. This service was available to SAM Learning subscribing schools at no extra cost. This year the  system is being further enhanced as teachers gain the means to share activities between schools.

Teachers have their own way of approaching different topics in the curriculum. SAM Learning aims to offer teaching and learning materials that are easy to use and fit students’ needs. By enabling teachers to benefit from each other’s activities, SAM Learning has extended the range of materials that are ready to use within the system or be tailored to suit individual teaching requirements.


Share enables everyone using SAM Learning to adapt existing materials and create their own activities that are customised for their classes. By sharing these materials with other SAM Learning schools, teachers will be able to access an ever-increasing bank of materials, offering them and their colleagues more choice and better coverage of each subject area, all included with their school’s existing subscription.

Hundreds of new activities, written by teachers in other SAM Learning schools are already available within Share. As teachers add to this collection, a regular supply of new material will be available to aid and inspire teachers looking for resources. One further benefit of using SAM Learning as a repository for these materials is that all the activities will be immediately ready to be set as homework or as independent learning activities, with all the normal SAM Learning benefits of automatic marking and homework reporting.

So if your school is one of the thousands already subscribing to SAM Learning and you want to discover Share, log in here.

If you’re yet to subscribe and want to find out how SAM Learning could benefit the students at your school, then Say hello@samlearning.com or call us on 0845 130 4160.