SAM Learning GDPR Audit Assurance of Compliance Statement

In accordance with SAM Learning’s Legal Compliance Documentation for GDPR, an audit was carried out on January 23, 2109 to review internal GDPR processes, check that regular tasks are being carried out and ensure continued compliance.
Summary of Key Changes

  • Updates made to SAM Learning’s GDPR Legal Compliance documentation – updated version has been published to SAM Learning’s 24/7 Help Centre ( and SAM Learning’s website (
  • SAM Learning has hired 2 new employees – DBS checks have been performed and all DBS records are confirmed to be up-to-date for all SAM Learning personnel.
  • All SAM Learning  personnel have been assigned to complete a mandatory GDPR online course via GRC eLearning by February 28, 2019. Training and assessment will serve as re/certification valid for 1 year.
  • GDPR “Assurance of Compliance Statement” will be published via SAM Learning blog,  email correspondence to current teacher and administrator end-users, on the SAM Learning platform message board,  and posted in the February monthly enewsletter.
  • The next SAM Learning GDPR audit has been scheduled for July 16, 2019.

A copy of our Legal Compliance Documentation for GDPR can be downloaded from our 24/7 Help Centre → Digital SAM Learning Resources → GDPR Compliance Documentation.
For any queries or questions relating to GDPR, please contact the SAM Learning DPO by emailing