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Reports & Homework

Save Time. See Progress.

At a time when teachers are constantly under pressure to fulfil ever-more demanding Ofsted frameworks, complete larger amounts of admin and yet still enable their pupils to attain higher grades, two of SAM Learning’s leading features provide an important pillar of support.

SAM Learning Homework

• Our self-marking homework saves teachers hours of time, allowing them more time for direct teacher–pupil contact.

• Set up an entire term’s homework in under 30 minutes.

• With almost all of our activities now tablet compatible, pupils can complete homework set on SAM Learning anywhere.

• Our range of activity types allows teachers to set a variety of homework tasks, from quick revision or knowledge-reinforcement activities to full-scale mock exam papers.

• Homework reports sent directly to the teacher’s inbox.

• Check who has completed the set homework in real-time.

• Use our market-leading exam papers and test questions for homework and see the answers that every student gave for each question.

• Customise all of your homework resources using the SAM Learning Activity Builder.

• Use activities set by teachers across the UK and upload your own with Share.

SAM Learning Reports

• The SAM Learning Student Mastery Report allows you to see all of the work completed by a student in an academic year, whether by subject or as a whole.

• Our filters allow teachers to segment their reports to cover a variety of student groups such as Pupil Premium, FSM and FSM 6. The launch of Switch On in October 2015 will introduce additional reporting tools.

• Use reports to compare the current cohort to last year as well as against national averages.

• Create completely customisable groups and assign tasks specifically to them eg. Homework Club