Outstanding? With SAM Learning it’s Twice as Likely

Since its inception, SAM Learning has led the way in terms of helping close the gap between disadvantaged students and other students within our subscribing schools.

A huge part of the SAM Learning process revolves around instilling students with not only the knowledge but also the confidence to succeed, raising aspirations in school and beyond. The SAM Learning method is independently proven to help close the gap. We do it by providing market-leading written exam practice, award-winning content that builds upon existing knowledge, and through our engaging game mechanic that promotes engagement and friendly competition.

With only 38% of disadvantaged students gaining 5 ‘good’ GCSE grades compared to 65% of other students, there is still work to be done nationwide. Yet, SAM Learning subscribers from an area considered disadvantaged by Ofsted are more than twice as likely to receive a Grade 1 (Outstanding) evaluation than non-users, proving that the service is a valuable part of any Pupil Premium programme.

FSM students who use SAM Learning see some of the greatest improvement of all our student users, achieving, on average, 3.5 grades higher than expected.

Tracking Progress

• Our reporting shows how students have improved over the year and specifically allows teachers to see where value has been added.

• With in-depth reports that are well suited to the requirements of Ofsted, teachers are able to segment pupils in a huge variety of ways including gender, tutor groups and pupil premium vs non-pupil premium. All data can be compared against pupils across the UK and at any time groups can be created to allow for further analysis.

• The data we provide can be used to assist in personalised learning, helping teachers evaluate attainment and work ethic whilst ensuring the student always has the resources to succeed.


• Our student-engagement figures are market leading and we alone can say that 83% of our users enjoy the service. This is reflected in our subscribers’ Ofsted reports.

• SAM Learning’s engagement processes aren’t restricted to just our student users. We know that engagement with families is paramount to help with closing the gap. We provide resources that can be used by Pupil Premium Coordinators when working with parents or guardians.

• Instilling confidence is one of our top priorities. We provide consistent feedback to students to encourage their learning.


• The service provides the exact evidence that governors and teachers have a duty to provide to Ofsted.

• The in-depth nature of SAM Learning’s reporting means that it can be used both in regular Pupil Premium meetings or during an Ofsted inspection.

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