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Climate change affects us all but none more so than those who work in secondary schools… With the constant shifting of sands and budget constraints, it’s difficult for schools to know which resources to commit to – are they just  a ‘flash flood’ or will they weather the test of time? SAM Learning has weathered the test of time: over the past twenty-one years we have adapted and developed to meet the needs of our schools and their pupils. The arrival of Progress 8 is no exception.

Teachers are dedicated to the success of every child, irrespective of their ability. SAM Learning takes the same approach: every child using the system matters. Once logged in to SAM Learning, students have a safe environment where they can access a broad and balanced range of KS3 and KS4 subjects – from knowledge-based activities, to applying skills learned in the classroom, to exam and test paper practice.

But does it work? Will pupils be able to transfer the skills from screen to exam paper? These are two vital questions that should be asked before any resource purchase. Fischer Family Trust (FFT) conducted an independent study into the impact of using SAM Learning on GCSE outcomes. SAM Learning has been independently proven to work and independently proven to improve pupils’ overall GCSE grades.  

Using national data sets, FFT took pupils’ top 8 GCSEs and were able to compare like for like, using the same demographics of pupils who used SAM Learning with those who didn’t. The findings were consistent and irrefutable. With as little as two activities a week for twenty weeks over an academic year, the results showed that pupils from the lowest 20% of learners achieve 3.5 grades (+0.35) on average better than expected; disadvantaged pupils (e.g. those on free school meals) achieve 3 grades (+0.3) on average better than expected; other pupils achieve 2 grades (+0.2) on average better than expected. Imagine the impact on your school’s overall Progress 8 score if all your pupils were using SAM Learning!

How will SAM Learning support you with Progress 8?

The focus on moving D grades to C grades will always be there, but now a greater emphasis will be placed on whether all pupils are achieving their expected three levels of progress. SAM Learning is a tool that can help schools ensure that pupils achieve their expected level of progress and quickly identify those that are falling below expectation. SAM Learning achieves this through:


  • Targeted Intervention: This focuses on specific skill-gap work – areas that will prevent a pupil from moving through a level of progress. Work can be given at an individual, small group, sub-group and whole-class level. The system can be used to assign a range of tasks that will reinforce what students need to know in order to achieve their expected level of progress.
  • Alternative Provision: Quite often within the lowest 20% of learners in a school there are pupils who, not because of ability but because of other influences, are on an alternative curriculum. SAM Learning will allow you to provide a programme of work across a range of subjects that meets the individual pupil’s needs. This work can be completed at any time, anywhere and will have a significant impact on the pupil’s Attainment 8 score and the school’s overall Progress 8 score. The school will then be provided with reports to evidence that work has been set and the date it was completed.
  • Revision: Directed revision programmes allow you to control what your pupils are revising and when. Using exam board aligned content, targeted revision can be assigned so that pupils are studying what they need to know – concentrating on their skill gaps within your subject.  By setting a directed revision programme you will also be able to track and monitor who is revising and who is not.
  • Tracking and Monitoring: There is a suite of reports within SAM Learning: from reports to track and monitor disadvantaged groups and compare them with other pupils at SLT level, to simple task reports for the classroom teacher. The new assigned work reports will show progress on SAM Learning over time allowing the class teacher to identify areas where intervention is needed at individual, small group or whole-class level. The range of SAM Learning reports will allow the user to: assess understanding; quickly identify students that are working below expectation; and provide evidence for parents’ evening, Head of Department, SLT and Ofsted.

For more information on how SAM Learning perfectly supports Progress 8 in your school or to request a 15 minute online demonstration please call 0845 130 4160 or click here:  https://www.samlearning.com/demo/