Practice-based CPD

  • Builds on research already gathered during the Targeted Intervention Framework
  • Internationally recognised MirandaNet Fellowship
  • Be a research-active school

Builds on research already gathered

Teachers and school leaders collect a wealth of practice-based research on effective intervention strategies while completing the SAM Learning Targeted Intervention Framework. Participants can now use this work to secure a MirandaNet Fellowship as part of the school’s CPD programme. It’s a cost-effective way to provide CPD that doesn’t require time away from school.

“The reason MirandaNet has partnered with SAM Learning is to provide a forum for classroom teachers and policy leaders to reflect on their practice and publish evidence on effective classroom strategies and improved impact on learning.”

Dr Christina Preston, Professor of Education Innovation, De Montford University

Internationally recognised MirandaNet Fellowship

  • Receive a MirandaNet Fellowship and become a member of an internationally recognised community
  • Have your research published on the MirandaNet Knowledge Hub with a reflection by Dr Christina Preston about what has been discovered
  • Teachers and school leaders are eligible

Dr Christina Preston

MirandaNet Founder Dr Christina Preston is Professor of Education Innovation, The Innovation Centre, De Montfort University. Christina has won five international awards for her innovative continuing professional programmes designed for educators globally promoting practice-based research and collaboration across national boundaries.

Dr Christina Preston

The process takes about six weeks

  • The process takes about six weeks following completion of the Targeted Intervention Framework and achieving certification with SAM Learning
  • Receive template for research write-up
  • Spend half a day preparing a 2,000-word research paper
  • Spend half an hour meeting with a MirandaNet professional (via Skype) discussing research and receiving feedback
  • Submit draft version of research article
  • Receive suggestions and comments to refine final submission
  • Research paper is published on MirandaNet Knowledge Hub and MirandaNet Fellowship awarded

Be a research-active school

Provide evidence to Ofsted that the school is research active. The resulting articles can be used by the school to inform policy and practice and for marketing purposes.

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