The award-winning SAM Learning is the only online study service independently proven to raise attainment.

Students can use the site to revise and test themselves using practice exam papers and test questions across more than 20 subjects, in a variety of different formats that are fun, engaging and challenging.

As market leader in the world of online study, our resources have been used by over 5 million students in schools and we are the only service of our kind that offers the option of a distinct home-user package.

Help your child improve their GCSE results by 2 grades this summer

During the seven-year study conducted by the Fischer Family Trust, SAM Learning was independently proven to raise exam grades:

• Overall, on average students achieve 2 GCSE grades better than expected with as little as 10 hours’ use.

• Students entitled to Free School Meals, on average, gain 3.5 GCSE grades better than expected with as little as 10 hours’ use.

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‘This is my third son to use SAM Learning as a study aid and it is well worth every penny. They can easily view their progress and revisit areas that need further practice. Would seriously recommend especially for children that prefer to revise using the computer. Superb.’

D Webb

‘I will highly recommend this product.’

Qasim A Shah

‘This is amazing! I have it with my school. It is online revision, that goes through everything you need to know, and you can do tests at the end of it! I have just taken the first module in my science (21st century) in year 10, and came out with an A*! I used SAM Learning to help me revise!’

Eloise (student)

‘Nice and easy to use the web-based learning tool for my son. Received an email really quickly with log-on details and the training is very clear and fun for him to use.’

Mr John B King

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