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SAM Learning covers 27 GCSE and 16 KS3 subjects.

SAM Learning is the market leader for proven-to-improve learners grades over two decades of independent impact studies.

   NEW: Try This Next – Artificial Intelligence Engine

  • Try This Next suggests activities for learners, based on their previous results.
  • This will include: Improving Scores, Beating Buddies and Subject Suggestions.

NEW: Question Level Analysis

  • View results of Set Tasks to see how well learners have done on different questions.
  • Diagnose gaps in prior learning before starting a topic.
  • Teach directly to the knowledge gaps.
  • Focus revision to exactly where it is needed.
Flexible Reporting Suite
  • Reports automatically produced for you.
  • Insight to usage and progress at whole school, intervention group, and individual level.
  • Supports data-driven targeted intervention and differentiated instruction.

Integrate Tasks on Homework Platforms

Set tasks to Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and ShowMyHomework/Satchel:One.

Find Gaps, Fill Gaps, Reduce Workload.