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Ofsted, its procedures and frameworks continue to play a key part in school life, impacting everyone from the newest NQT arrival to the school governors.

Assessing everything from teaching and homework setting to day-to-day organisation and administration, Ofsted requires that schools staff provide substantial evidence throughout the education process.

So how can SAM Learning help?

Close the gap between disadvantaged pupils and other pupils

SAM Learning is independently proven to reduce the gap between disadvantaged pupils and other pupils within our subscribing schools. Within certain areas considered deprived by Ofsted, SAM Learning subscribing schools are twice as likely to receive Outstanding from Ofsted than non-subscribing schools.

In October 2015, SAM Learning will be launching Switch On, ensuring the success of disadvantaged pupils becomes a reality.


Independent learning

With the majority of activities now tablet compatible, SAM Learning is available for students to use wherever they are.

The SAM Learning method ensures that students not only enjoy using us but that they actively take in knowledge when away from the classroom, developing confidence and improving their attainment at the same time.

Improve GCSE grades of disadvantaged pupils

In the seven-year study completed by the Fischer Family Trust, it was proven that FSM students using SAM Learning for just ten hours throughout the year will, on average get 3 GCSE grades (+19.2 capped points score) higher than expected.

Improve GCSE grades of lowest 20% pupils

That same study showed that SAM Learning has an even greater effect on students who are within the lowest 20% of attainment. These students will achieve, on average, 3.5 GCSE grades (+20.9 capped points score) higher than expected, ensuring these students can reach their full potential.

Gathering and recording evidence

A huge part of SAM Learning’s award-winning platform is the in-depth reporting that the service offers. Provided with the ability to segment student data down to a granular level, teachers are able to offer Ofsted detailed evaluation of student progress alongside meticulous evidence.