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Multiple Schools or Academies


SAM Learning isn’t just available to individual schools or academies. Having many years of experience working with Local Authorities (LAs) across the country, at SAM we are used to supplying our service across a large number of schools within a single body simultaneously, and aware of the many requirements and challenges that can come with this.

Looking to the future

With our changing educational landscape, the ever-increasing expansion of academies, the rising importance of federations and multi-academy trusts, and the introduction of Progress 8, we believe it is important that educational suppliers address the concerns of these institutions and bodies, providing the best value for money along with the highest standard of product and service, with a flexible approach allowing the greatest benefit for all.

Improving Student’s Results

We are already providing our award-winning learning platform across a number of academy trusts, including the Lionheart Academies Trust and the Academies Enterprise Trust, and this number continues to grow, allowing us to achieve our goal: increasing access to the widest range of students possible. We believe SAM can change lives, improving grades and raising attainment, and working with LAs, multi-academy trusts and federations allows us to reach thousands of students at once.

Find out more

If you’re interested in seeing what SAM can offer your academy trust, local authority or federation, click here.

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