Using a digital learning device for study can greatly enhance a student’s progress, enabling them to learn using a medium they are happy with, experienced in using and feel is totally modern and up to date.

BESA now suggests that the growth in tablet usage for education will continue, with nearly a third of all students having access to a tablet by 2020. In secondary school terms this will mean over one million students!

As one of the pioneers of independent learning, SAM Learning has always sought to ensure that students can conduct their learning via the device of their choice – and this is why the vast majority of our content is now tablet friendly.

Here are the most frequently asked questions relating to SAM Learning and tablets (plus, of course, the answers!)

Q: Does SAM Learning support mobile devices?

A: Yes! Over 95% of our activities are tablet compatible and those that aren’t yet are being converted to a tablet-friendly format.

Q: What tablet devices does SAM Learning support?

A: We support the devices most commonly found in schools (Apple iPads and the Samsung Galaxy tablets). However, any tablets with a browser that supports HTML5 will work, even if we don’t officially support them.

Q: Does that mean my Nexus, Hyundai, Cyclone, iPhone, S2, S3, whatever else won’t work?

A: The great news is that any device that has a browser which supports HTML5 will work. We may not have tested your particular device, but we have yet to find any HTML5-compatible devices that do not work.