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BRAND NEW! ‘You’re on a roll button!’

This term sees the launch of our BRAND NEW feature  ‘You’re on a roll Button!’ on the student platform.

Students can now move seamlessly through their activities that are adapted to their needs to encourage them with their independent study. This is another feature we have introduced to encourage students to complete 30 minutes per week on SAM Learning. This is important as EEF and FFT studies show that students achieve +2 GCSE grades better with 30 minutes per week on SAM Learning.

Check it out…it’s been used over 21,000 times already!

For more details,  get in touch with your SAM Learning School Success Manager at

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KS3 A.I led revision

Enable your students to be in control and let SAM Learning take the boring out of revision!

Your KS3 students now have revision set for all their Ebacc subjects on their SAM Learning Dashboard. Using SAM Learning’s A.I. led revision means that revision is chunked into small manageable parts. Just tell your students to login and click ‘Go!’ on the subject you want them revising for.  It uses the work you have already set to create their revision.

BRAND NEW! Revise for a Prize!

Be in control and let SAM Learning take the boring out of revision!

Revising little and often is needed to help your brain remember information. Gaps in revising allow the brain to forget and relearn the information. This makes information stick and you remember it – winner!

You will be able to learn more over time than in one longer period of revising. Using SAM Learning also allows you to be in control of your preparation, enabling you to feel more confident and have your brain in the right place to start learning.

Using SAM Learning’s A.I. led revision means that it is chunked into small manageable parts. Just login and click GO on the subject

you are studying and let SAM Learning guide you.

How does it improve your learning?

SAM Learning gives you immediate feedback. Research has shown that feedback enables students to achieve even better results and retain information better. 

SAM Learning also knows when you need to recap a topic or series of questions. ‘Improve your score’ gives you the topics and series of questions that are not yet secure in your memory. Complete the revision from ‘Improve your score’ and SAM Learning will help you fill your gaps, show you immediately where you are going right and wrong and interleave these topics until they are secure…..ready for your exams! 

The Education Endowment Foundation and FFT have shown that students who use SAM Learning for 10 hours or more in year 11 achieve an average of x2 GCSE grades higher than a student that doesn’t use SAM Learning…..what are you waiting for login and give yourself the best chance!

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Presentation for teachers

Poster for revision

Enhancing Education Together: SAM Learning referral program 

This year we launched our exclusive Customer Referral Program and we have been overjoyed so far with the responses! At SAM Learning, our mission has always been to empower educators and students through innovative technologies. With the introduction of our state-of-the-art A.I. engineering, we have taken a step closer to realising that vision. We believe that your valuable insights and experiences as an educator can greatly benefit other schools and educators seeking to enhance their teaching practices and student outcomes. Our Customer Referral Program is an opportunity for you to share the benefits of SAM Learning with your professional network while earning exciting rewards for you and your school!

How it works:

  1.   Share the love: Simply refer SAM Learning to other schools or educators who could benefit. You could do so during professional development events, workshops or through your network.
  2. Track referrals: When your referred school or educator signs up and becomes a paying customer to SAM Learning, we will track the referral and credit your school’s account with exclusive benefits.
  3. Earn Rewards: As a token of appreciation, your school will receive enticing rewards for every successful referral. THIS MONTH YOUR SCHOOL CAN EARN £500 FOR EACH SUCCESSFUL REFERRAL!

To get started, simply share this link to schools/colleagues that would benefit from SAM Learning and notify them to share your school name at point of purchase.

To learn more about our Customer Referral Program and the benefits it brings to your school, get in touch today.

School Success Series 

SAM Learning ‘on screen’ wants you! We have been overwhelmed and overjoyed with all of the positive feedback we have been receiving from schools on our latest developments and we want to congratulate all of you on your recent successes!

 This academic year, we are creating an exciting video series of our customer success stories and would love YOU to feature! This is a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure and showcase your best practice, pedagogy and EdTech knowledge, inspiring and helping schools around the world.

To contribute, simply record yourself completing the sentence below (mobile phone recording is fine) and submit your recorded response here.

Please repeat and complete: “SAM Learning to me is……”

As a token of thanks, each video selected for the series will qualify for a £20 Amazon voucher.

Congratulations again on your success with SAM Learning and our partnership!

If you have any questions about submitting a video testimonial please submit them here.

Customer Corner – How are schools using SAM Learning?

We love hearing the positive feedback from our schools across the globe, sharing the triumphs and successes they are having with SAM Learning. Our Customer Corner is a dedicated  section of our newsletter to showcase how schools are benefiting and maximising the value of their SAM Learning subscription, to share best practice.….

“I use SAM Learning for setting homework mostly. In school, it is mostly used for homework tasks, but also for setting cover lessons and revision lessons at school. QLA allows teachers to address issues and feedback to students following a poor performance on a given topic. Staff like the fact that it’s simple to use, gives useful feedback, and has a wide variety of topics. Students like the fact that it is easily accessible from a variety of devices and it has an element of competition. Reduces staff workload. Less chance of copying homework. Versatile. Effective tool for monitoring progress and identifying issues.” Chris Cottam, Teacher, Westwood College.

If you would like to share yours and your student’s positive experiences of SAM Learning in next month’s Customer Corner and earn yourself some Amazon vouchers for your school and students, submit your feedback here.

SAM Learning would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this month’s newsletter and we wish you all a successful Exam season!

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