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January mock exams are a wonderful opportunity to target young people for improvement – both in terms of preparing for the mocks and taking action after the results come in.

This is a great time to target Progress 8 subject groups based on data from systems like SISRA, 4Matrix and FFT in addition to disadvantaged groups such as pupil premium, FSM, SEN, EAL, CLA and raising boys’ achievement.

How can SAM Learning help?

sam-learning-ti-quality-awardSAM Learning provides a cost-effective framework for targeted intervention that drives school improvement. This includes a suite of high quality in-depth reports to track and monitor pupils at whole-school, department and teacher level.

Our targeted intervention framework was collated from best practice at hundreds of schools. At the end of a 13-week course, teachers are certified as targeted intervention experts.  We are so confident in our  targeted intervention framework that we have a market leading 30 day 100% money back guarantee.


Why use SAM Learning for targeted intervention?

First of all, it’s proven to work. A 10-year impact study by FFT (Fischer Family Trust) involving millions of students clearly showed that students with 10 task hours’ e-learning achieved significantly better GCSE grades than expected based on their prior attainment. Not only that, but pupils in the lowest 20% by prior attainment improve nearly double the average. It requires only 20 mins’ work to be assigned per teaching week – all of which is self-marked.  We are proven to improve!


Exam Practice and Preparation

Like it or not, exams are not just about academic ability. The exam process is its own skill set. Pupils are nervous when they go into exams and may not perform well. It requires practice for pupils to do their best. And mocks are great at providing exam practice.

Whereas today SAM Learning has a mission to provide youngsters with a launch pad for career and life, the original idea was all around exam preparation. I wrote a book when I was 28 called The Skiver’s Guide – how to succeed at exams if you haven’t done enough work based on my personal experiences as a student. Later on, working with examiners to create SAM Learning, I realised that while at times as a student I may have felt that I was skiving, I was really just being an efficient student. Either way, SAM Learning began with exam preparation very much in mind.

SAM Learning contains exam practice questions requiring short and long answers. Our mark schemes are broken down so that pupils can see exactly what the examiner is looking for – and pupils are asked to mark their own work so they really internalise this.  We even align our content and questions with your examination board!


In summary, SAM Learning is proven to work twice as well for pupils with poor prior attainment. We have a framework to target exactly those pupils with the greatest need and we have designed and honed our content over 20 years specifically to prepare pupils for the exams themselves.

Give SAM Learning a try this January and to celebrate the new year we are offering all new schools a 30 day free of charge trial.  No small print, no gimmicks, a 30 day free trial to show you just how impactful SAM Learning can be!  Click here to request your login details and to receive your free training to get you started https://www.samlearning.com/demo/

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