SAM Success Cycle

The SAM Success Cycle is a multiple-year partnership. We visit schools once per term to ensure our pre-packaged educational programs are wrapped around your School Development Plan priorities and provide maximum value for money. The process is designed to:

  • Augment leadership capacity
  • Improve and standardise staff performance
  • Deliver proven results

Pre-packaged educational programs

We provide pre-packaged educational programs that can be tailored to individual school needs:

  • Catch-up Literacy and Numeracy
  • Progress 8
  • Disadvantaged Pupils
  • Practice-based CPD

Pre-packaged educational programs

Pre-packaged Programs

SAM Success Cycle

Mission and purpose

SAM Learning’s company mission and David Jaffa’s personal mission is provide a launchpad for career and life for young people.

In this video David talks about mission and purpose in education and how this effects the daily work of school leaders as well as suppliers such as SAM Learning.

SAM Learning fulfils this mission by providing a series of proven packages for schools that are delivered through the SAM Success Cycle.

Brochure (PDF)

  • Click here to get a 16 page brochure (PDF), suitable for presenting SAM Learning’s Targeted Intervention Framework v3.0 to colleagues.