How are other schools coping with lockdown?

Sharing good practice is a great strength of the teaching profession!
Our thanks to Yee Lau at Hassenbrook Academy for sharing this with us:
The Science Department at Hassenbrook have been following these steps to set up work during the Lockdown for our learners:
One teacher to be responsible for one particular year group. This teacher is responsible for setting general work, following the time line to cover previous learned units.

  1. The class teacher will then set targeted group work for their own classes. The teachers know their learners the best, so they will know which learners work faster and those who need some extra support to reach the same levels.
  2. The Head of Department is responsible for setting work which helps to improve retention of the most basic key concepts, which are required to be applied in GCSE’s. This can be KS3 through to KS4 topics, so that the gaps are covered and repeated to enhance the advantage of repetition to retain knowledge. Other topics which are set would be to help support key skills with required practicals.

The aim is to allow our learners to feel supported, have vast choice of resources and have a ‘can do attitude’ rather than feel overwhelmed during this time at home. Not every piece of work is required, they can choose which helps them the best and also meeting the minimum requirements at least.
Transparency and communication with learners has been a key element to helping in this difficult time.