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In this first of a series of guest blogs, Victoria Hewett, Head of Humanities at Hadlow Rural Community School and avid educational Tweeter, tells us all about her experiences with Share, and the benefits it holds for your classroom.

Since January my school have been using SAM Learning, so I’m pretty new to it. Nevertheless, I’ve already used it in a variety of ways; homework for all students, differentiated homework for individuals and groups, revision for Key Stage 4, and also as a flipped learning resource. I’ve shared a variety of resources using the Share feature and have nabbed a few from others (thank you!)

So, here are my 5 reasons for why you should be using Share on SAM Learning…

There are a variety of great resources shared by other educators, we all need to find ways to reduce the workload a little so using what others have created is perfect.

Easy to Adapt
Resources that have been shared can easily be edited and adapted to suit your students or topic, reducing the need to start from scratch. Taking us back to time-saving! Simply pin a resource to your school, copy and edit it.

Reuse Value
The resources you create and share can be reused year after year once you have devised and published them. Oh look at that we’re back at our first point, time saved!

The opportunity to see resources from other teachers has made me think ‘oh that’s a good idea’ a number of times. It’s great to be able to see what others are doing and the different approaches that are being taken.

That feel-good feeling
Share to me is about collaboration and supporting others, not just within my school but with teachers in schools using SAM across the country. Every time you share a resource, take some time to consider how you might be helping out a fellow teacher.

What are you waiting for? Get creating. Get sharing.

Click here to find out how you can get started with Share…