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The importance of providing good, accessible e-learning for Special Educational Needs (SEN) students is often overlooked, but we’ve developed SAM Learning to ensure that it engages with the needs of all students.

Here are just a few examples of how SAM can be used to great effect with SEN students.

Safety first – SAM prides itself on safety – indeed, it was one of the aspects of our content the judges for the Bett 2016 award for Best Secondary Digital Content were most impressed by. This focus on safety isn’t for obvious security reasons alone, but also because we believe that creating a safe online learning environment can have a transformative effect on the way students learn. This is particularly true for Special Educational Needs (SEN) students – SAM is a platform for learning where students aren’t judged, mistakes can be made and learnt from, and confidence can be nurtured.

Practice makes perfect – There is no limit to how many times a student can use a SAM activity if they find it beneficial to them, or if a teacher or assistant decides that repetition of a particular activity is necessary. This helps motivate students by allowing them to practice areas of weakness and achieve visible progress, making learning feel instantly rewarding.

Engaging and accessible – Part of what makes SAM so engaging for all students is its ease of use: the site is easy to navigate, and the activities function in a way that is almost instantly understandable to students at every level. For students who have particular difficulty with reading – for example those with dyslexia – a number of SAM activities have audio, and with Activity Builder and Share teachers and assistants are able to develop activities that cater to every particular need.

Easy tracking – SAM allows teachers and teaching assistants to take a hands-on-hands-off approach: our comprehensive reporting suite means that it’s much easier to monitor student performance without the need for constant interference or overview, allowing for more advantageous targeted interventions where necessary, while also cultivating a sense of independence in students.

Anonymity – In keeping with SAM as a safe space for learning, anonymity is key to ensuring students using SAM feel comfortable using the platform to learn. This means that while there is a moderate competitive aspect to SAM, all students are able to opt-out of this as and when they choose, while teacher monitoring of student performance is also anonymised.

Want to find out more about how SAM can help SEN students at your school?