February 2020 Newsletter




In This Edition:

  • Product Update: Revise Editable and Exam Essentials 
  • £30 Amazon vouchers for Middle Leaders
  • NEW: Share Rewards
  • Testimonial: Increase Usage, Increase Progress 8 Score


Product Update: Revise Editable and Exam Essentials

£30 Amazon vouchers for Middle Leaders

As a Middle Leader, you can earn a £30 Amazon voucher before Easter – while saving your teachers time and supporting your departmental intervention strategies.
  • Get three of your teachers to set at least five tasks each that start between now and midnight on Friday, 10 April 2020 (Yes – you can count yourself as one of the three).
  • Create three new Intervention groups in your department (either ‘Wave 1’ Classroom Differentiation Groups or ‘Wave 2’ School Intervention Groups).


Share Rewards

We offer Amazon voucher rewards for teachers who publish activities on Share

Testimonial: Increase Usage, Increase Progress 8 Score

Assistant Vice Principal: Best Teaching Oasis Academy Brislington 
 What was your school’s initial reason for considering / purchasing SAM Learning?
It was an effective online learning tool. In truth it was here when I arrived and underused. We’ve increased usage from 2021 hours in 2014-15 to 13,558 hours in 2018-19 – our progress score has increased from -0.54 to -0.05 at the same time.
– How do you use SAM Learning for intervention and personalised learning?
We track students at different assessment points and identify those underperforming. The students are then placed into an intervention group and extra tasks are set for them. Every 6 weeks we then host pizza parties to celebrate the completion of the interventions.
– Do you have any positive comments regarding our customer service?
Always responsive to emails. If you need support there is always somebody who you can call / email.
– Would you recommended SAM Learning to other schools? 
Yes, SAM Learning is an effective online package. For the cost associated it is a great tool which can reduce teacher workload.