SAM Learning is the market leader for proven-to-improve learners grades over two decades of independent impact studies.

Access Thousands of Activities

SAM Learning covers 27 GCSE  and 16 KS3 subjects.

Question Level Analysis

Now teachers can look at the results of Set Tasks to see how well learners have done on different questions.

  • Diagnose gaps in prior learning before starting a topic.
  • Focus revision to exactly where it is needed.

Flexible Reporting Suite

  • Reports automatically produced for you.
  • Insight to usage and progress at whole school, intervention group, and individual level.
  • Supports data-driven targeted intervention and differentiated instruction.

Integrate Tasks on Homework Platforms

Set tasks to Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and ShowMyHomework/Satchel:One.

Find Gaps, Fill Gaps, Reduce Workload.