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Engaged & Independent Learners

SAM Learning enables students to move beyond what they already know and work towards mastery of their topics or subjects. This helps motivate students by allowing them to practice areas of weakness and achieve visible progress. But SAM Learning doesn’t stop there…

Making Revision Less Painful

Revision is never as simple as it sounds. When it comes down to it, most GCSE students are not very effective at revision. Active revision is often replaced with ‘reading through’ (or some fairly effective procrastination).

To compensate for this, SAM Learning has developed, tried out, tested and refined an active method of revision which focuses on what the student does not know, and takes the student through the topics in a totally active manner that keeps them on task.

Competitive Edge

For those who find it stimulating and motivational, SAM Learning incorporates an element of competition. As students travel around SAMs World, they increase confidence and consolidate learning, while the competitive element enhances the chances of them practising, returning and, therefore, learning. The gameplay is simple with the questions set at the right level to remain inviting but still taxing.

Independent Learning

Students who achieve higher grades tend to be more self-directed and have the necessary focus to engage in independent learning. The issue therefore is not just to get students to learn more, but to get them engaged in independent learning.

To become independent learners, students must know how to locate and utilise materials on their own. They also need to be motivated to take responsibility for their own learning and be aware of their own learning needs.

As such awareness develops, they grow in confidence. SAM Learning provides data to teachers showing each student’s use of SAM Learning for independent study and this data can be used to contribute significantly to that student’s formative assessments.

Meanwhile, the understanding and support given at home for independent learning will grow as parents perceive the positive impact it is having on their children.

Enjoy SAM

Students Enjoy Using Us

We’ve commissioned the studies. We’ve got the evidence to say that we are the only online study service independently proven to increase attainment. We pride ourselves on students having fun while studying with SAM Learning. A survey has shown that an amazing 83% of students who use SAM Learning enjoy using the service.

When you’ve got hundreds of thousands of users, each with their own needs, wants and personalities, that is big number!