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The Economist Intelligence Unit is one of the world’s leading forecasting and advisory services, and in Spring 2016 it was commissioned to produce a study for the launch of a new award, the Yidan Prize, which aims to become the “Nobel Prize for education”. SAM Learning was privileged enough to take part in the research which lead to the development of this report, ‘Education to 2030’, discussing the importance of edtech in the British educational market, the use of our service in schools and academies, and the role edtech could play in the coming decades.

‘Education to 2030’ focuses on the “combination of economic, social, and technological trends … making education more important than ever before” while also “creating stresses on budgets, the affordability of schooling and labour markets” – as a result, the report suggests:

“… all of the institutions involved in the provision of education—from government and the private sector to the schools themselves—will need to work together in various combinations not only to expand and improve access but to make sure that students are acquiring the skills they need.”

This makes ‘Education to 2030’ vitally important reading for anybody with an interest in the future of British education, not least because the report focuses on the provision of education in 25 different economies, “predicting and ranking each country’s performance across five categories by 2030.”

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