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Sponsored by SAM Learning and taking place on July 1st 2016, The #EducatEd2016 Conference is set to be a day of interesting and inspiring keynote lectures and workshops, lead by the likes of Professor Rebecca Allen, Professor Becky Taylor, Professor Pete Dudley, Xavier Eloquin and Alex Kelly. The theme for the day is “Towards a sustainable, self-improving school system” and this will be explored with a particular focus on the development of strategies towards becoming a self-improving school and the issues that may affect the sustainability of schools now and in the future, while facilitating the opportunity for delegates to engage in collaborative and reflective professional learning, and build a professional network that supports delegates to further engage in a developmental dialogue.

Developing sustainable, self-improving schools is set to become of more importance than ever before. On the one hand, the introduction of Progress 8 will require schools constantly improve, as measured by the performance of students between the end of KS2 and their GCSEs. ‘Adding value’ to students, raising their attainment, will become one of the key measures of school’s performance, and failure to do so will trigger an Ofsted inspection. On the other hand, schools are under increasing amount of pressure, with both tightening budgets and a teacher shortage crisis making it vital that limited resources are used effectively – or in other words, sustainably. How does one balance a drive for ever greater success with dwindling resources?

We believe SAM is exactly the sort of resource that can help in this effort: we’re proven to improve, with independent research by the Fischer Family Trust finding that just two ten minute SAM activities a week improve GCSE grades by an average of two in all students, yet we’re also designed to free up teacher time, to simplify the tasks – setting homework, marking, student monitoring – that often get in the way of making sure teachers can truly focus on what happens in the classroom.

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