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On Wednesday 24th February the University of Salford will host the Future of Academies Showcase and Exhibition, and SAM Learning is proud to say that the company has been invited to lead a seminar.

The event is being held to assess “the impact of, and reaction to, academies so far”, and provide “an in-depth discussion on the opportunities and threats for education presented by the government’s most recent announcement” regarding the expansion of academies. SAM founder David Jaffa will be providing a contribution to this discussion, with a seminar on educational technology in the process of Academisation, a topic that will be of increasing importance in the coming years.

As a company we don’t see our role as simply providing a service, but playing an active part in the wider educational community, paying as close attention to what happens in the world of education policy as we do technology. This means that the service we offer our subscribers is always prepared to meet the needs of the day, whether the introduction of Progress 8, or the move from Local Authority control to academies, to give just two current examples. David’s talk will give an insight into this process, as well as considering the ways in which academies can insure a higher rate of return on their edtech investments, and the possibilities for the development of a better relationship between edtech companies and Academy Trusts.

Join SAM Learning and hundreds of school leaders at the event…