Personalise existing materials within SAM Learning

Share enables teachers using SAM Learning to adapt existing materials and create their own activities, customised to the needs of their students. By sharing these materials with other SAM Learning schools, teachers contribute to an ever-increasing bank of activities, offering them and their colleagues more choice and better coverage of each subject area.

This breaks down educational barriers, promotes best practice and saves teachers time throughout the SAM Learning community.

Earn Rewards

Teachers who publish their first 5 activities in Share will receive a £20 Amazon voucher as a reward; further rewards are available for those who continue to create great activities. This is our way of thanking teachers for their continued contributions to the SAM Learning community. There are plenty of ways to get involved, earn rewards and help us to shape the future of Share. Our best Share teachers may be invited to workshops, have their activities selected for Share+ or invited to write specific activities in return for rewards.

Creating activities in Share allows teachers to:

  • Set their own questions on recently covered topics
  • Customise test questions and exam papers
  • Choose their own marking criteria
  • Define their own grade boundaries
  • Upload images
  • Add links to websites like Wikipedia and YouTube
  • Use mathematical and scientific symbols


Thousands of activities, written by teachers across the SAM Learning community, are already available for teachers to discover within Share. With new activities created every day, there is a constant supply of new material available to aid and inspire teachers looking for resources.

There are now also over 300 Share+ activities available for use. These are Share activities that have been given the SAM seal of approval and added to the main SAM menu.