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Proven to Improve

A Decade of Study. A History of Success.

Since 1994, SAM Learning has been improving grades, adding value and raising student attainment in schools across the UK (and, thanks to our many International School subscribers, the world). We knew at the beginning that the SAM Learning method created real results and encouraged participation even in the most disengaged students, but how could we stand out in a marketplace full of anonymous testimonials and vague quotations?

SAM Learning decided to up the stakes.

We commissioned one of the most highly regarded independent educational research companies, The Fischer Family Trust (FFT) to conduct a seven-year study examining the impact of SAM Learning on students using the service.


The Proof that SAM Learning Works

After a decade of studies, we can say that, overall, students achieve an average of two GCSE grades (+12.3 capped points score) higher than expected with as little as 10 hours’ use of SAM Learning during the course of a year.

FSM students who use SAM Learning for 10 or more hours during the year achieve an average of 3.5 GCSE grades (+19.2 capped points score) better than expected.

The lowest 20% of students achieve an average of four GCSE grades (+20.9 capped points score) better than expected with just 10 hours or more of SAM Learning.

The Value of Long-term Independent Research

An analysis of one cohort of students can give helpful information – but of course it is just one cohort, and it may not be a typical cohort.
By studying such a large data set over a decade, we have not only proven that any school using SAM Learning will get this uplift in grades, we have been able to refine and improve our service year on year – thus increasing the uplift in grades that students will enjoy.