Proven to improve GCSE grades

Since 1994, SAM Learning has been improving grades, adding value and raising student attainment in schools across the UK. We knew at the beginning that the SAM Learning method created real results and encouraged participation in even the most disengaged students. To prove this, we commissioned one of the most highly regarded independent educational research companies, Fischer Family Trust (FFT), to conduct a seven-year study examining the impact of SAM Learning on students using the service. You can download the report here.

Now we want to use these findings to help transform the way your school adapts to the introduction of Progress 8.

Targeted Intervention Quality Award

Tools such as 4Matrix, SISRA, FFT and Alps identify groups of students in need of targeted intervention. We take over where these tools leave off, providing your school with:

  • A cost-effective framework for targeted intervention that drives school improvement
  • 30-day money-back guarantee T&Cs here
  • Evidence of school-wide strategies – for example to Ofsted
  • Proven impact on GCSE grades (by FFT), especially for low prior-attainment pupils
  • Integrated award-winning content
  • A fully supported 13-week staff-certification process

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Committed to Helping Disadvantaged Students

SAM Learning has always led the way in terms of helping close the gap between disadvantaged students and other students within our subscribing schools. With the changes brought into effect by Progress 8, this isn’t simply a matter of principle, but something that will define a school’s performance.

SAM Learning subscribers from an area considered disadvantaged by Ofsted are more than twice as likely to receive a Grade 1 (Outstanding) and with FSM students who use SAM receiving, on average, 3.5 grades higher than expected, our innovative new programme, Switch On, is ensuring schools can raise attainment, re-engage and close the gap between disadvantaged pupils and other students in the school.

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Award Winning Digital Content

SAM works hard to ensure that our content is the best on the market, and our 2016 Bett Award for Best Secondary Digital Content is testament to that. Developed with teachers and examiners, our activities range from timed practice test questions to interactive revision activities, covering all National Curriculum subjects from KS1 to GCSE, with all exam boards represented up to current specifications.

With Share you can take our content even further. Adapt our existing activities, or create your own and then share them with teachers across the UK. Our ever-growing community of content-creating teachers have already created thousands of new activities.

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Track and Monitor Pupil Progress

Our comprehensive reporting suite gives teachers the chance to monitor student progress throughout the year. With the ability to compare cohorts against their predecessors and national averages, plus filters that allow teachers to segment their reports to cover a variety of student groups such as Pupil Premium, FSM and FSM 6, showing proof of the school’s ability to close the gap to Ofsted has never been easier.

Constantly refined, our reports reflect the changes in the education sector and vastly reduce a teachers workload and improve their ability to plan lessons in advance.

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Engaged and Independent Learners

SAM Learning enables students to move beyond what they already know and work towards mastery of their topics or subjects. This helps motivate students by allowing them to practice areas of weakness and achieve visible progress.

For those who find it stimulating and motivational, SAM Learning incorporates an element of competition. As students travel around SAMs World, they increase confidence and consolidate learning, while the competitive element enhances the chances of them practising, returning and, therefore, learning. The game play is simple with the questions set at the right level to remain inviting but still taxing.

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Teacher Support

At SAM Learning we take immense pride in our customer support and the standards we achieve.

We aim to make using the service as easy, enjoyable and efficient as possible. With a history of working closely with teachers across the UK, we can ensure that, as a subscriber, you get the most out of SAM Learning. All schools have a dedicated account manager and E-learning adviser to help them get the best out of SAM, plus our friendly and helpful 24-hour technical support team makes certain that all your questions can be answered and both you and your students can enjoy smooth access to SAM Learning.

To contact our Technical Support team:

Telephone: 0845 130 4160