Personalised Learning & Three-wave Intervention - Proven & affordable solution for your school

Our Personalised Learning & Three-wave Intervention solution provides your school with complete flexibility, versatility and empowerment, enabling you to be in full control and apply all the features, functionality and benefits in exactly the way that suits your school needs, objectives and School priorities

Proven Impact On Learner Progress! Yes, We Are Proven To Improve!

All pupils +0.20 Progress 8 score. Disadvantaged pupils +0.35 Progress 8 score.

Three-wave Intervention

Classroom Differentiation: Create intervention groups e.g. for LAPs, MAPs and HAPs.  Set tasks to individual learners, groups or the whole class.  Personalise existing content and create new bespoke activities.

SDP Priority Intervention Groups: Support Progress 8, Pupil Premium, Catch-up Literacy and Numeracy and more.  Termly support meetings with our Intervention Specialist.  Reporting suite demonstrating usage and engagement.

Individual Learners: Set tasks to individual learners.  Support hard to reach learners e.g. Registration Code:  B.  Track and monitor learners to identify further interventions.

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Tailored To Your Exact Needs, Objectives & SDP Priorities

Our flexible and dynamic approach enables us to deliver a solution that is aligned with your needs, objectives and SDP.  If any of these change, we change with you! 

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Proven Impact Study – Fischer Family Trust

SAM Learning is independently proven by the Fischer Family Trust to significantly impact learner progress.

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Our Service Level Agreement To All Schools

The SAM Success Cycle ensures success and optimum return on your investment with us.

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