£30 Amazon vouchers for Middle Leaders

As a Middle Leader, you can earn a £30 Amazon voucher before Easter – while saving your teachers time and supporting your departmental intervention strategies.
  • Get three of your teachers to set at least five tasks each that start between now and midnight on Friday, 10 April 2020 (Yes – you can count yourself as one of the three).
  • Create three new Intervention groups in your department (either ‘Wave 1’ Classroom Differentiation Groups or ‘Wave 2’ School Intervention Groups).



We will send a £30 Amazon voucher to the FIRST THREE middle leaders at your School who show us that you and your staff have met these criteria. NB – this can include Subject Leaders, Pastoral Leaders and SENDCOs.


Strategic advice is available on how to work with groups. Book a slot with your School Success Manager (David Brown, https://dbrown-samlearning.youcanbook.me or Neil McKie, https://nmckie-samlearning.youcanbook.me/) for a brief walk-through – or read about groups on our website (click here).


To claim your vouchers (which you will have the discretion of spending as you see fit –  trophies, whiteboard pens, biscuits…), please email your School Success Manager (dbrown@samlearning.com or nmckie@samlearning.com) with your details at any time before Easter.


Attached is a document summarising this challenge – please also share this with your middle leader colleagues who may not be registered with SAM Learning yet.


If some of your colleagues are not yet registered with us, please send them this registration link, so that they can get started: https://platform.samlearning.com/website/auth/remote-login-by-shared-invitation?h=f67136ff32e89aaece53e1c45ffad629&s=72328.


Log into SAM Learning now to get started – it’s the perfect time to start setting revision tasks for your examination classes!