Secondary Stickers

You can download the complete SAM Learning User Pack or the different section as a pdf by simply clicking on the links below Secondary Stickers for Pupils Avery standard 8 labels 98.5mm x 67.5mm Avery standard 12 labels 99.1mm x 42mm Avery standard 18 labels 63.5mm x 46.5mm

Case Studies

The following Case Studies show a number of ways for teacher to use Sam At School in their teaching Assessment “Within school, we utilise data from a variety of sources to track progress and review pupil performance. Being able to target a range of grades a pupil should be aiming for enables staff to facilitate…

10 Task Hour Challenge

The 10 Task Hour Challenge is back! Independent research shows that students who use SAM Learning Secondary for 10+ hours across all subjects do better than expected in their exams. To help you implement The 10 Task Hour Challenge in your school and improve your students’ results, we have sent you a brand new pack…


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